After graduating in Jazz at the Naples Conservatory of Music, Domenico Angarano attended various improvisation workshops in Italy, New York and London, with artists such as Medeski Martin & Wood, Cyro Baptista, David Fiuczynski.

Since relocating to London he has moved into the world of contemporary dance, as well as continuing to specialize in arrangement and composition. He has composed and played for Akram Khan, Hofesh Shechter, Hannes Langolf, Becky Namgauds, Jorge Crecis, the Hong Kong Academy of Arts,, English National Ballet and for choreographers Riccardo Buscarini,  Jean Abreu,  Marso Riviere, Hagit Yakira, Lee Brummer, Leila McMillan, Krishna Zivraj, Stefano Rosato, Marie Forbes, Stefan Jovanovic.

In the last 20 years he acquired knowledge of music from South Italy, West Africa, India, Southern Europe, Brazil, Cuba and the Middle East. 

All of these cultures inform his creative process to aim towards a new form of western contemporary music infused in these traditions. Music that shows how connected human beings are, in a world that is politically moving towards a more fragmented and individualistic society.

Education to different cultures and consequently to different music styles can bring diverse audiences together. Both music and dance can become more accessible to areas of society that otherwise don’t see these forms of art as representative of contemporary society.