Domenico Angarano is a musician and composer living in London since 2010.
He explores Jazz and music from South Italy, West Africa, India, Eastern Europe, Brazil, and the Middle East as well as electronic music.
He writes music for contemporary dance, as well as continuing to specialise in arrangement and composition. He has composed and played for Hofesh Shechter, Jean Abreu, Stefan Jovanovic, Becky Namgauds, the Hong Kong Academy of Arts, English National Ballet and for choreographers Riccardo Buscarini, Marso Riviere, Hagit Yakira, Lee Brummer, Leila McMillan, Krishna Zivraj, Stefano Rosato, Marie Forbes, and more.
He tours and has produced music with Kefaya, Sarathy Korwar, Tantz, Slivovitz and his first personal release is currently in production.